2D Animation

2D Animation

2D Animations is a series of images viewed one after the other in a very short time that creates an illusion of movement. This has been one of the oldest yet the most successful medium. 2D animation has been of assistance to simulate actions and movements that presents the user a realistic experience. To animate means to infuse life and communicate feelings through story telling. The utilization of other medium such as sound appends another coating of meaning.

Professional Quality 2D Animation

2D Animation serviceOur range of 2D services enables you to influence cost benefits without any concession on quality and standards. With an extremely accomplished and ingenious squad of professionals, we have developed the attribute of delivering world class products and services. We bring to you professional quality 2D animation for websites, CD ROM and other media.

Our work strategy includes

  • Collection of information and resources
  • Development of a concrete work plan
  • Story boarding, character and background designing.
  • Colored Background
  • Proper creation of key-frames, dyed background, clean ups and animation.
  • Compilation of animation, voice-over and music along with special effects
  • Review and creation of master copy of animation post the incorporation of the needed correction

Our Team’s Strength

Our entire 2D animation team is multitalented in customary techniques, own colossal experience in conventional animation, semi-classical animation, semi-limited animation, limited animation and cut-out animation. Creative heads produce exclusive and stirring theme of animations to entertain children and elders.We are a veteran hand in developing 2D animated contents for projects as follows:

Our Major Projects Include:

  • Short cartoon films
  • Engineering demos
  • Websites
  • Games
  • E-Learning

Our 2D products are an outcome

  • Advanced software and animation tools
  • Custom Animation as per client’s demands and specifications
  • High Quality and Resolution
  • Swiftly moving presentations
  • Aptitude to shape up complex ideas and concepts
  • Careful time management

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