CMS Based Flash Website

CMS Based Flash Website

CMS has appeared as a revolutionary technological add-on for Flash. It is an incredible gift that ensures to make your life much easier and faster. Flash CMS lets you enjoy the feasibility of maintaining and updating your Flash-based website without having the requirement to edit the Flash source files.

Pick the best one for your website

Well! When it comes to pick your website’s requirements from this rapidly growing world of Flash CMS platforms and components, the only name that can serve you the best is BrainPulse Technologies. We have successfully managed to assemble all of the analytics that you may require to design your site appropriately. With our supreme level of efficiency and resources, we have made it possible to earn our customers for years who keep coming back for more. We have established ourselves as a customer-oriented design company, and foster all our business relationships with quality work.

Our strengths as Flash Design Company are:

  • Technical proficiency of the Flash Toolset
  • An arty flamboyance for design
  • Comprehensive knowledge about business principles to utilize Flash presentations for boosting up your business.

We regularly update our information database to let our customers have the privilege of picking the best from the top variants of the Flash CMS.

Some basic features of CMS are:

  • CMS accepts images of all formats including JPG, .SWF and others
  • Text editor with potent formatting competence
  • Great compliance with multilingual content management
  • Internal and external link management
  • Drag-and-drop editing that saves a lot of time and efforts
  • Simple upload tool
  • Multi-user functionality
  • Content gets directly updated on a live Flash website
  • No requirement of additional training required
  • Feasibility of image concerned features like auto size, auto fit, positioning and captions
  • Customizable font list, font size list and color palette
  • Permits multiple users with different file upload permissions
  • Non-requirement of database as all data is stored in an XML file
  • Complete absence of end user coding or HTML knowledge
  • Simple to use and customize
  • Facility of small occupancy with addition only up to 20kb to your Flash movies

The amazing combination of our unswerving services and efficient set of Flash CMS tools is a tremendous opportunity used by our entire clients top has a tremendous appearance online presence. Everything we offer is top-shelf quality at the correct price.

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