Rich Internet Applications

Flash Rich Internet Applications (RIA)

Flash rich Internet applications is a complex set of applications supporting a wide range of media, such as various fonts, bitmap and vector graphics, flash animation, conferencing, real time movie files with audio and video feature in web services, and more. These applications are considered best to support the support major data container formats:

Compatible Formats

  • Desktop office data counting Adobe PDF, Open Office Microsoft Office 2003, etc
  • Graphics counting JPEG, TIF, GIF, PNG, etc.
  • E-business and publishing section comprising RSS, a wide range of EDI, etc.
  • Rich media range like Flash SWF, SVG, ViewPoint MTS, etc.

Flash Rich Internet Applications work wonders

Macromedia Flash has gained huge web usage even before developing the ability of offering a full range of RIA solutions. Flash Rich Internet Applications offer front end applications merge desktop software functionality at cost effective expense with the wide ease of accessing the web. Flash Rich Internet Applications allowing effective user experience can give a great kick start to your business.

Beneficial Features of Rich Internet Applications

  • Increased success rate of End-User transactions
  • Dropping the expense to Application Development and IT Infrastructure
  • Reforming development
  • Quick and smooth evolvement of Online Businesses in online market sphere
  • Providing better interactive and Real-Time User Experience
  • Facilitating the business standards of the industry
  • To save time, introduction of more featured interface with multiple options

A boon for Communication Technology

For development managers and IT professionals, Macromedia has introduced Rich Application Starter Kit to tutor them about structuring their opening pilot project, evaluating business and technology independently. In coeval IT aggressive business market, Flash has occurred as a boon in the arena of rich content, applications and communications across browser, operating system, and devices.

We do it ALL!!

Our efficient team at BrainPulse Technologies makes smart use of RIAs (Rich Internet Applications) uniquely to bring about stupendous web applications for organizations worldwide and we get the leverage existing workforce, infrastructure, processes and assets to improve customer engagement while curtailing expense.

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