Omniture Web Analytics

Omniture Web Analytics

Omniture is an extensive global provider of Web analytics rendering actionable, real-time analysis for online marketing initiatives, allowing much improved measurement, analysis and optimization of all your marketing campaigns. It is superbly powerful and if leveraged completely, is capable to essentially amend the way you conduct business online. BrainPulse experts understand the core functioning of ominuture’s web analytics, leverage its capabilities to the max, and deliver quality customization and accurate data interpretation. Thorough assistance with data auditing, implementation, reporting, and analysis is ensured.

We work with Omniture web analytics the best

  • We hold quality experience in managing several websites on omniture analytics
  • Our expert web analysts specializes in working with SiteCatalyst and other popular modules.
  • We are equipped with in-house software development and R&D capabilities to offer customized solutions adding higher competitive edge to your business.
  • Comprehensive web analytics services are delivered from tagging their website to providing actionable reports.
  • Strict data security and confidentiality policy.
  • Users segmentation on the basis of psychography and demography.
  • Identifying hidden insights and unique trends
  • On interpreting data, we provide actionable suggestions to boost your website and business performance.

Competent features of Omniture web analytics

Omniture’s most advanced web analytics product is SiteCatalyst. It provides matchless scalability and flexibility along with an intuitive user interface. Some of its most efficient features are:

  • Customizable dashboards and navigation summaries
  • Each Omniture Solution is customized to meet your business needs.
  • Provision of very accurate trend predictions.
  • Generation of user friendly, easy-to-understand reports.
  • Option of page browsing maps that follow the user’s every action on your site rather than just entry and exit points.
  • Cross-category analysis to compare the success of varied product placements.
  • Action alerts on a key parameter having a critical level of or lower than.
  • Video measurement and reporting

In addition to SiteCatalyst, we also specialize in working with additional web analytics products from Omniture. These include Discover, Business Optimization, Genesis, SearchCenter, Data warehouse, Touch Clarity and Offermatica.

With our experience and diligent services, you may calibrate the massive potential of Omniture’s web analytics products far beyond that just collecting and analyzing web data. Call or email us today and find out more about how BrainPulse and Omniture make web analytics so powerful.

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