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Online Media Buying & Planning

online media buying and planning servicesTo ensure that your messages and brand propositions reach your target audiences through the most reputable media channels, BrainPulse introduces its innovative online media planning and online media buying services. Our highly experienced online marketing ninjas will work with you and build up a competent strategy to launch and optimize your online ad campaign. In addition, the crystal clear reporting and analysis process will be executed to learn how far we succeeded in accomplishing our goals in terms of traffic, lead generation and brand awareness.

Online Media Planning & Buying Process

The Campaign Planning

We learn about our client’s campaign goals and objectives. Insightful information regarding the target audience and their characteristics is determined, along with market outline, campaign integration, ad creativity, and funds. The astute discovery then drives us to devise our media buying ideas. The ideas are then shared with the client for approval and the strategy is developed to carry out our online media research and planning.

Online Media Planning/buying

To identify the most appropriate sites that are in sync with client’s audience and objectives, our experts carry out exhaustive media research for some portion of the plan. We ensure pocket-friendly buys at appropriate ad networks, content sites, web portals, and niche audience sites. To enable our clients have the best placements and pricing, our online media buying professionals leverage their skills of managing, associating and negotiating for online positions attainment, in the shortest duration possible.

Creative Presentation

BrainPulse excels in coming out with the best; most appealing digital formats to put across your targeted message. From choosing the format to deciding the position, frequency and sequence of the ad, we work in complete sync with our clients.

  • Banners
  • Text Ads
  • Leaderboard
  • Medium rectangular
  • Expendables
  • Wide skyscrapers
  • Pre-roll and more

Analysis and Optimization

BrainPulse online media planning and buying services professionals consistently leverage their domestic tracking system and external ad-serving technology to test, analyze and optimize your online advertising campaign as well as the web site marketing strategy. The insights gained are then implemented to strengthen the campaign. In addition, strict control over the management of ads is maintained. It includes shifting of ad impressions, discontinuation of placements or buys, and more.

Reporting & Analysis

To clients, nothing makes more sense than results that they can measure. Hence, we provide our clients campaign tracking report analysis on regular basis.

Let’s Talk

BrainPulse’s online media buying and planning services are devised to fortify your brand and bring you relevant leads, from reliable online media sources. Call us now to know more.

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