PPC Management Methodology

PPC Management Methodology

We explain our PPC management methodology as analytical and result-oriented. Following this methodology, we create, implement, monitor and evaluate the entire PPC management campaign. Walking within the lines set by our PPC management process, we imbibe a targeted approach and create campaign that addresses the unique requirements and objectives of the client. In addition to good return on investment (ROI), BrainPulse also understands the significance of PPC campaigns in search engine marketing and holistic SEO.

The PPC Campaign Management Methodology

  • Client Requirement Gathering: Just like any other process, our PPC methodology also begins with the listing of our client’s objectives and expectations. The information retrieved gives us clear picture of organization goals and objectives.
  • Client Analysis: This is your website and product line analysis, competitor analysis, past data analysis (data present in your existing PPC account) etc. While running competitors’ analysis, things considered are their website’s organic ranking and status, keywords used for PPC advertising, average CPC, bids, positioning, etc.
  • Strategy Formulation: Based on the requirements a complete Pay Per Click Management (PPC)strategy is formulated in terms of :
    • Campaign Structures
    • Keywords Research
    • Ad Creations / Scheduling
    • Landing Page Creation / Optimization
    • Geo- Targeting
    • Setting up Analytics
  • Implementing the Strategy and Launch: your account is sent for activation and all the tracking codes are verified. This is immediately followed by the monitoring phase.
  • Campaign Management, Monitoring and Improvisation: As the campaign goes live, the real work comes into action. Our team monitors the performance of the campaign on various parameters / evaluates the performance of the entire campaign and tweaks the campaign at various level to enhance overall performance of the campaign.

Key areas of the campaign

PPC campaigns are controlled and maintained on a daily basis to ensure the best possible ROI for your allocated PPC budget.

  • Keyword Bid Optimization with A/B Testing
  • Improving Keywords Quality Scores
  • Improving CTR for Ads
  • Ad Positioning / Rankings for Keywords
  • Landing Page Optimization for Better conversions

Monitoring & Reporting

Detailed report including keywords, Ad groups, campaign, clicks, CTR, Cost, bids, impressions, conversions, cost per conversions, etc will be delivered to the client on regular basis.

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