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Online Reputation Management

BrainPulse Technologies expertises in delivering customized online reputation management service (ORM) to revamp, protect, and monitor corporate and personal reputations on the web. Our ORM services are focused at influencing your brand awareness and ensuring complete eradication of negative listings showing on search engine result pages (SERP) for your company associated searches.

BrainPulse’s Online Reputation Management Program

Current Status Analysis

Strategy Building

Continuous Monitoring

Current Status Analysis

We begin with the task of monitoring the online conversations about you. In an attempt to fetch real time information about your brand, we run an ongoing analysis and study your professional, private, and business related reputation across the total scale of online media. This includes blogs, social networking, forums, micro blogs, news, etc.

  • Setting up Google and Yahoo Alerts to identify the use of your brands in the news
  • Ongoing monitoring of websites that are linking to your company URL or where they are mentioned online.
  • Monitor information about any of your company’s product or service names
  • Using sites such as Feedster, BlogPulse, and Technorati to monitor your brand in blogs
  • Customizing RSS feeds for brand tracking.
  • Tracking for all names including brand names and key employee names
  • Monitor industry-related sites.

Strategy Building

Post the analysis, a reputation performance scorecard is prepared to give you clear insights on how you have been perceived so far, in the online industry. It explains whether you need to build your brand reputation or have to come up with a reputation recovery plan to combat with the existing negative feedbacks. It also identifies the exact critical areas that you need to work upon to influence your brand reputation on the web.

  • Listing websites, blogs and consumer developed media ranking high on search engines for your firm associated keywords
  • Development of positive micro sites, social profiles, blogs and other media
  • Participation in active discussion boards and blogs within your industry
  • Fresh domain registration with vital, relevant keywords in the URLs
  • Industry-specific social networks, forums and groups
  • Business profile linking
  • Running a variety of analysis-driven social media campaigns
  • Regularly working on RSS feeds.

Continuous Monitoring

Measuring the overall impact of your online reputation management program and maintaining it as it is, it is the pivotal part of your online reputation management and maintenance services. Throughout our online reputation management process, we run continuous reporting to get concrete web metrics to introduce beneficial tweaking in our strategy, as and when required. The process helps us to ensure that your online reputation will be maintained and perked up with time.

  • Instant alerts as soon as a comment involving your specified keywords such a company name, services, products etc. comes online.
  • Tracking social response for your social media marketing campaigns.
  • Availing vital customer insights.
  • Keeping constant tab on new online reputation marketing tools and trends to tweak the existing campaign.
  • Tracking first 20 search results for all your primary keywords to keep you safe from negative feedbacks.

BrainPulse’s ORM services highlights

  • Our online reputation management and maintenance services are for all ranging from SMEs and Giant corporates to individuals.
  • Every practice employed under our ORM services is ethical, focused and result-driven.
  • Generate tangible results through our weekly or monthly ORM reports
  • We analyze, plan a strategy, implement ORM services and maintain your online reputation.
  • Pricing is customized as per your current online brand status
  • House a team of talented, experienced and certified professionals.

Speak with our sales representative today to have process-driven online reputation management services for your website ensuring repair and reverse of your negative search engine results and promotion of a positive online brand value of your company and products.

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