SMS Marketing

SMS Marketing

Reach out to the biggest count of your customers with bulk SMS Marketing and bid humungous promotion of your product or service. Bulk SMS Marketing is the quickest and most economical advertising way to get to the masses. BrainPulse is keen to help you market your brand, product or event through Bulk SMS Marketing.

We render Bulk SMS in a personalized and customized form on the basis of having direct connectivity with leading telecom operators. We make text marketing quick and easy by helping you with campaign creation, delivery scheduling, and result tracking along with the flexibility to maintain your customer’s lists just the way you want to.

SMS Marketing India

The Way It works

It is simple, straight and Sparing. Send SMS Text Messages with the help of any Internet connection from corner in the world. You may get started with just a couple of steps.

  • You may select the customer database as per city wise, state-wise, target industry wise etc.
  • You may send SMS’s to databases owned by us, or you can import your list of opted-in contacts and we will send bulk text messages to them with a single click.
  • We manage customer database and send your SMS on your behalf with your sender id and contact details to the customers of your choice.
  • Customers can text your mobile keyword to a short code and join your contact list.
  • You will be provided with delivery reports of the activity.

SMS Marketing Pricing

The price charged per SMS is fixed as per the country and network where you wish to send the SMS. Pleases refer to our SMS price Plan Given below:

Quality Price per SMS Recharge pack
5000 0.1 5 INR 750 INR
10000 0.14 INR 1400 INR
25000 0.1 3 INR 3250 INR
50000 0.12 INR 6000 INR
75000 0.1 1 INR 8250 INR
100000 0.1 INR 10000 INR

To begin, just recharge your account with a set amount of money and we would offer you an applicable discount for that recharge. We offer recharge packs of various denominations, and with each denomination of recharge, you get a specific discount % associated with it.

Features of SMS Marketing Services:

  • Send upto 100, 000 Mobile SMS per minute.
  • Send SMS to all GSM and CDMA Networks.
  • Send upto 720 sharacters in a single SMS.
  • Avail 8 Characters SMS sender name.
  • Convenience to set schedule to send SMS to mobile.
  • The most affordable SMS Pricing
  • Proper management of your contacts.
  • Maintain your sent message history.
  • Avail dynamic sender ID and promote your Brand.
  • Ease of creating group Online and sending group SMS to individual group.

SMS marketing campaigns have provided a way to reach the right focused audience in limited duration.In order to gather more information about our SMS marketing services, get in touch with our sales representative.

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