Search Algorithm

A definite set of rules specified for a search engine to measure the relevancy of the web pages and sort their listings which will be displayed in response to a search query. It is basically a mathematical formula employed by a search engine to agree on where a web page will rank in the search results for a particular key phrase. Each search engine follows its own algorithm to allot rankings. Also, the algorithm keeps changing frequently from time to time to eradicate the possibility of guesswork and speculations by intelligent webmasters.

Search engine frequently keep changing their algorithms to stand against “spam”. If people or more precisely, webmasters can figure out the algorithm of a search engine, they can easily manipulate the raking of their websites. This will give irrelevant, manoeuvred results.

Factors having highest significance in Overall Ranking Algorithm

  • Keyword Focused Anchor Text from External Links
  • Diversity of Link sources
  • Keyword use
  • Reliability and genuinely of the domain based on Link Distance from trusted Domain
  • External Link Popularity
  • Social Graphic Metrics

Mentioned above are some of the most important and common factors specified in any search engine algorithm. However in what percentage they will be given importance keeps changing.

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