Black Hat SEO Tactics

Black Hat SEO Tactics

Regularly webmasters try to “trick” the search engines into ranking sites and pages through illegitimate means. A number of tactics such as hidden text, interlinking, redirecting, doorway pages, keyword spamming and etc, are meant to only trick a search engine into the game of gaining rankings. However, the websites using black-hat SEO tactics are most likely to jump down from these places as fast as they rise.

Given below are some of the most frequently used black-hat tactics. Most SEO’s and webmasters modify these tactics in hopes that the new technique will work. Honestly they may, but only for a short while.

Black-Hat SEO Tactics:

Keyword Stuffing
Highly abused form of search engine spam, keyword stuffing is one of the most frequently exploited black Hat SEO services. Heavy amount of related keyword usage in content seems irrelevant to the search engine. Obviously, since this sort of content has no value to it, it is generally placed at the bottom of the web page in very small font size.
Hidden Text
Hidden text is the text that is present on the website only for the spiders to read and not the human visitors. These are the texts that are written in the same color as the background or something very close to it. The technique is best described as blatant spam tactic and websites using it are usually quickly reported to search engine as spam by the competitors and genuine searchers so that they can get it blacklisted.
As incoming links have become a major aspect of search engine ranking, many webmasters have found an easy and lucrative way to build multiple websites and link them together to strengthen the overall link popularity. Performing this trick is obviously much easier than doing the linking accurately. Moreover, as it becomes difficult to detect such interlinking websites, the genuinely linked websites suffer, where they find it difficult to get placed due to the abundance of interlinking websites.
The concept of redirects is complimentary to that of doorway pages. Since doorway pages contain low or no substantial content, redirects are at times, applied to directly direct a visitor to the original page having genuine content such as the homepage of the site. However, if search engines detect these redirects, or if they are reported as spam, then the site can get penalized. Usually, a genuine competitor or an unhappy searcher may get such websites spammed
Cloaking is a technique of presenting dissimilar information to the search engines than a human visitor would see. Although many techniques are today running in the market on the name of cloaking practices, very few are actually detectably by the search engines. Hence, in order to get the cloaking practices out of the market, a lot depends on the reporting search engine spam.
Duplicate Sites
With the popularity of affiliate programs, webmasters find it outright to create a copy of the site they need to promote. With slight tweaking, these duplicate websites are put online, intending that it would outrank the site it was promoting and get their sales. However, since search engine demand unique content from each website, creating duplicate websites is completely banned. Moreover, search engines have introduced their own methods to identify and remove duplicate sites from their index. Also, sites that simply modify to escape automatic detection through the help of hidden text or the, have the chances of getting reported to the search engines and be banned that way..
Doorway Pages
Doorway pages are basically normal web pages added to a website with the sole purpose of targeting a specific keyword phrase or phrases. Normally, these pages provide very little or no information to a visitor and have clear intentions of promoting a specific phrase, hoping that a visitor would land and get directed to the homepage of the website. This is one of the most popular black hat search engine optimization technique and most search engines have special tools to detect such pages. Also, a report of this practice can get your website removed from the search engines results along with pages ranking good with genuine SEO practices and unique content.
Reporting Your Competitors
It is entirely legitimate to report spam the competitors using black hat SEO tactics to gain top most positions in the search engines results. If a competitor using unfair tactics to rank higher than you then ensure to report them.
If you can spot websites that according to you are practicing illegitimate tactics to rank higher than you on the search engines then drop a visit to our “Reporting Search Engine Spam page for gaining proper information about reporting a website spam. However, ensure that your website is not employing any such dubious practices.

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