Doorway pages are web pages written in simple HTML pages by customizing a few particular keywords or phrases, to gain attraction from specific search engines and their spiders. The core objective of the doorway pages is to trick the search engines into rendering the site top rankings, only for a limited period of time. Doorway Pages are specifically intended for search engine spiders whereas for human visitors, it is more or less a redirect page that leads to the “real” website. Doorway pages are often termed as “entrance” or “bridge” pages.

Google’s Take on Doorway Pages

According to Google’s specific recommendation, doorway pages are created purposely for search engines or other “cookie cutter” approaches like affiliate programs with almost no original content and therefore, should be completely avoided by the websites.

Doorway pages effects

  • A sudden but temporary rise in the SERPs for a limited duration
  • Decline in overall Trust, Rankings, Search Traffic of the website
  • Chances of getting penalized or banned
  • Threats to your website’s long term reputation and traffic

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