Joomla SEO Services

Joomla SEO Services

Now that you have landed here, it is time to bin your worries regarding optimizing your Joomla based website. BrainPulse knows exactly how to convert existing Joomla websites into search engine friendly websites that are highly optimized for search engines. In addition to installing and configuring additional Joomla extensions, we also take charge of employing various on-page techniques to make your Joomla website highly search engine friendly. By tweaking the website structure and navigation, title and meta tags, we help you achieve top rankings in the most popular search engines. And finally, our Joomla Search engine optimization services are surprisingly economical and devised to have room for your requirements and budgets.

Joomla SEO Services

Install and configure Joomla SEO Extensions

  • Title Manager
  • SEO Simple
  • SEO-Generator
  • Tag Meta
  • JoomSEO
  • Seo KeyWord Link
  • SEOMeta
  • Google Verify
  • Custom Page Title – SEO

Advanced Joomla SEO Services

  • Converting existing PHP based structure into SEF URL structure
  • Edit Page Titles
  • Edit and use unique Description and Meta tags
  • Google Sitemap in XML and submission to Google Webmaster tools and Google Analytics Integration
  • Thorough optimization of all the images
  • Use of 301 redirects to point from unused links to used links
  • Editing content
  • Eliminating duplicate pages

Additional Service Benefits

  • We are superbly acquainted with Joomla 1.0 and 1.5.
  • Proper knowledge of search engine algorithms and online business.
  • Determination to deliver result-oriented SEO services in the shortest possible duration.
  • Truly affordable to suit your budget.

In addition to our On-Page SEO Services, we also employ Odd-Page Joomla SEO services incorporating techniques like social bookmarking, link building and many more. Our cost-conscious Joomla based website optimization services will significantly boost your traffic and quality leads.

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