Link Farms

Link Farms

A link farm is a website page or collection of websites having an extensively large list of hyperlinks to different websites with no specific relationship in terms of groupings, categories, or any connection to the site domain name. Although most link farms are a creation of automated programs and services, a few can also be built by hands. It is a kind of spamming the index of a search engine, which is often termed as spamdexing or spamexing.

The Intent of link Farms

Link farms are created to falsely increase the count of incoming links to a website so that the site’s index ranking gets a rise in the search engines. An illegal link farm is a kind of search engine spam. It is purposely used for tricking search engines into placing a website among the top position sin the search results, with the backing of inbound link coming from link farm for a specific keyword than the website merits on its own. Such websites usually get penalized by active search engines that are always on check of banning such websites using illicit means of building links and having no real significance. Also, such websites display no PageRank. Adding a link to your website on a link farm may result in getting your website penalized by the search engines.

Identifying Link Farms

  • You discover no genuine connection to your theme whatsoever. The page, on which your links is visible, is not linked to FROM any page.
  • Page having your link is on a URL that is extensively long.
  • The page has neatly arranged rows of links to hundreds of sites.
  • If they demand a link on your links page, even though you don’t have one.
  • You find just a link without any description and proof that a visitor ever reviewed the site.
  • Check out sincerely for all scams such as sub-domain one-way traffic feeders. Also, study the URLS cautiously when deciding to accept a link request.
  • Acceptance of adding any link which seems to be a “live” link. Whereas, a real directory pays a lot of value to the quality of sites it links to.

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