Micro Websites

Micro Websites

Micro websites are compact and informative websites used by organizations apart from their major websites. It usually contains around 5 to 6 primary pages including home page, product or services page, service portfolio and a contact page with an enquiry or feedback form. These websites are the great help when it comes to analyze the initial online presence of your business or services and its possible outcome. In initial phase of your business promotion, micro websites can be the best associate that helps you to market your product in the global market place and later assists you to convey the wide product scenario among the buyers.

Advantages of micro websites

At very first instance, micro website allows you to get rid of owning a full-fledged website, hiring professional website designers and seeking web hosting services. In case of self-employed professionals and small home-based businesses, micro websites offer distinct advantages. Micro websites are very purposeful for:

  • Low budget home-based businesses and cottage industries
  • Launching a new product or service
  • self-employed professionals who want to establish their web presence
  • E-mail marketing campaigns
  • Web search engine optimization purposes

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