Milestone Based SEO Plan

Milestone Based SEO Plan

Looking for a Risk-free SEO plan that wants you to pay only when you see results?

BrainPulse has devised a milestone based SEO plan where we ask our clients to pay us only when their websites go higher in the search engine ranking results. This is a result-driven plan where complete transparency is the key to success.

The concept The Milestone Based SEO Plan

According to our Milestone Based SEO Plan, we set different milestones for your website in terms of its Search Engine Ranking so that you get to pay us only when and as we accomplish those set ranking milestones. The milestones are basically the targeted Search Engine ranking that we would achieve for your website in a fixed period of time. Hence, this is a periodically devised search engine ranking plan that will deliver specified ranking hikes in regular intervals.

The Way it works: PAY AS YOU RANK

  • Benchmarking your website’s current Search Engine ranking status, we forge a plan (depending upon the theme and competition the website faces) to achieve top rankings.
  • In process to accomplish your promised eventual top ranking, we set different ranking milestones for set intervals.
  • Clients are subjected to pay as and when we conquer these set SE ranking milestones.

The benefits of having Milestone Based SEO Plan

  • This is a no risk, guaranteed SEO Service plan.
  • The milestones set the plan into pragmatic, concrete terms, with management responsibilities
  • Regularly measure the success of your employed SEO services.
  • Track your website’s growth with detailed reports on ranking.
  • The plan offers complete value for money.
  • Know which SEO techniques work for your website and dispel the rest for good

  • All SEO practices employed a website are executed as per Google SEO guidelines and our SEO standards.

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