Mirror sites

Mirror sites

As it name signifies, mirror sites are a nearly identical or duplicate website of the original one. In common terms, it is basically a little modified or tweaked replica of the original website. However, although the technique is highly purposeful when it comes to accessibility, it is marked under black Hat SEO Tactics and is not supported by the search engines. It is quite easy to create mirror, especially with the use of software that do the automated mirroring of entire sites

Benefits of Mirror Sites

  • Mirror websites work well when it comes to reducing network traffic (hits on a server) or boost up the availability of the original site, remarkably.
  • It largely increases Files accessibility speed. Users can easily download files more quickly from a server that is geographically closer to them. As for instance, if a busy United kingdom based website sets up a mirror site in New York, users in the United States can naturally access the mirror site at a much faster rate than the original site in United kingdom.

Hazardous shortcomings of Mirror Sites

  • Short term rise in the SERPs rankings
  • Abating value, genuineness rankings and search traffic of the website
  • Probability of getting penalized or banned
  • Serious threats to long term reputation and traffic of the website

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