Secondary Search Engines

Secondary Search Engines

Secondary search engines target at smaller, more specific audiences. They are basically the topical and regional search engines that can provide a user tremendously narrow and focused search results when looking for specific information. However, the volume of traffic they generate is much lesser than the primary search engines do.

Some of the most popular secondary search engines are Lycos, LookSmart, Miva,, and Espotting. Although the current list of secondary search engines is fairly small, it is expected to grow and extend with time.

Like primary or major search engines, these search engines also vary in the way they rank search results. The focus remains more or less on keywords and reciprocal links, whereas a few others rely on some other specifications such as meta tags or some proprietary criteria. However, experts suggest that although the amount of traffic generated is not as much as primary search engines do, but their results may gain valuable traffic that should not be overlooked.

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