SEO-Friendly URLs

SEO-Friendly URLs

Without proper SEO Services, a website stands numerous chances of not getting indexed by search spiders, which in turn, puts a question mark on its ranking in the SERPs and of course, the conversion rate. The situation can be easily resolved by implementing some sort of “cosmetic” operations on a site, and an integral part of these operations is URL Rewriting. Although, it is considered a bit time-intensive, it is very quite effective in the long run by others, is URL rewriting.

Reasons for having clean and SEO-friendly URLs

Naturally, the requirement of rewriting your URLs is important for Search Engine Optimization. It is believed that search engines are more compatible with URLs not having long query strings. Clean URLs help the search engines easily distinguish folder names and create real links to keywords. However, query string parameters are more like an impediment in a search engine’s effort to perform the indexing. According to experts, dynamic URLs are not very pleasing to web spiders, whereas the static URLs posses higher relevancy for the same.

Benefits of having clean, static SEO friendly URLs

  • Increased usability for web users
  • Static URLs need simple maintenance which is a relief for webmasters
  • Static URLs are more abstract, and thus more difficult to hack.
  • Less chances of making mistakes while maintenance sessions

Factors need to be considered while rewriting SEO-Friendly URLs

  • Try to increase the usability by keeping them short.
  • For improved rankings in SERPs, ensure to use dashes instead of underscores.
  • To elude case sensitive situations, use lowercase everywhere.
  • To stay away from possible hacker threats, use technology that cannot be detected in any of your URLs.

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