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SEO Research and Analysis Services

BrainPulse, SEO research lab has been conceptualized as a center of excellence
for carrying out research activities in the SEM/ SEO arena. We have put in place a crack team of professionals who indeed are some of the best brains in this business.

Being one of the premiere Internet marketing companies, with a proven track record we are always striving to push the envelope further by coming up with real innovative solutions designed to break all conventional limits in the frontiers of search engine marketing (SEM) and search engine optimization (SEO).

When Its Time you order SEO research report

  • Is my Internet marketing plan at fault, due to lack of traffic?
  • Is the traffic coming-in relevant?
  • Why is the conversion ratio, so low for my website?
  • Why is my competitor ranking higher on my favourite keywords?
  • What are the strengths and weakness of my website which have a play in its eventual

We as a team design solutions that can answer some of the most perinnially important questions regarding SEO/ SEM. If you too ponder over these questions its time you get the best professional help. You can get all the answers and more with our credible in-depth reporting structure. The reports will cover all the parameters which in anyway effect your websites performance.

SEO Research Reports Offered

To guide your SEO campaign in the right direction from here following SEO research and analysis reports can help you take your SEO campaign further from here, The various research reports that we offer to help you get a better insight are as follows.

Top 5 competitors Analysis report

The best way to beat competition is by being one-up on them at all times. Our competition analysis report will give you a great insight into the strategies being employed by your competitors in relation to keyword targeting, link building and also about their strategies with other internet marketing tools. This report can help you identify the problem areas in relation to your position against the nearest competitors.

  • Identifying the Top 5 competitors
  • Competitor SEO variables Statistics
  • Over view of SEO strategies employed by competitors
  • website Architecture report
  • Content architecture analysis
  • Onpage optimization strategy
  • off page optimization strategy report

Cost: 850$

On page website optimization Analysis report

This report gives you complete analysis and recommendations for improving on page optimization for the website.

  • Website Architecture analysis
  • Site Navigation Structure analysis
  • Meta tag optimization
  • Content Positioning and page layout analysis
  • On page optimization factor analysis
  • anchor text analysis
  • search engine spider simulation report
  • Website code optimization analysis
  • Other technical onpage variable checks like page load time, robot.txt, url rewriting etc.

Cost: 500$

Keyword Research Analysis Report

Targeting the right keywords is a very important factor and our keyword analysis report ensures just that. Our keyword research services takes into account data from over 200 search engines using powerful API’s and tools to get to you the best keywords that you should target for your SEO campaign.

Cost: 450$

Off Page optimization analysis and Strategy recommendation Report

This report gives you an insight into your current status on the off page optimization factors along with valuable recommendations to improve off page optimization for your website to rank better on search engines.

  • Back link analysis report
  • Back link Anchor text analysis
  • Bad neighborhood link analysis
  • competitor back link analysis and strategy report

Cost: 600$

Web Usability Report

The web usability report will primarily focus on the conversion ratio of your website. Our report will delve deep in to the matrix of your website to understand the problem areas. Moreover, the report will identify solutions for enhancing usability of your website.

  • Identifying your core business needs, to understand the specific usability needs of your website.
  • Predict the user behavior on your website.
  • Scrutinizing your competitor websites to understand the shortcomings in the way your website is projected.
  • The effort will necessarily cover all the important aspects like designing, content And navigational ease of your website.

Cost: 800$

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