White Hat SEO Tactics

White Hat SEO Tactics

Any SEO tactic that is in sync with integrity of the website and in complete compliance with Search Engines Guidelines is seen as a white hate search engine optimization tactic. These are the techniques that a webmaster should employ to boost up the ranking of the website, without making any compromises with the reliability and genuineness of the website.

White Hat SEO Techniques

Internal Linking

To many website owners, their website’s appearance matters a lot. For various purposes such as pleasing drop down navigation, they use special scripts that do not get crawled by the search engine spiders and hence clog the probability of getting noticed by the search engines, resulting in unindexed pages. Therefore, it is must to add text links to the bottom of your homepage linking to all your main internal pages including a sitemap to your internal pages.

Reciprocal Linking

Exchanging links with other webmasters is considered as one of the good ways of search engine optimization. Although the significance of reciprocal links has abated a bit over the past year, they still hold some potential in the industry. However, ensure to make intelligent reciprocal links. Links only with websites that related to your theme and present relevant content that is purposeful for your targeted visitors. Always remember that linking to bad neighborhood may not devalue the significance of your website but may also get it penalized by the search engine.

Secondly, as the process of link building is highly time-intensive, ensure to use popular and reliable tools available in the market to speed up the process. With such tools, you can easily spot website related to your theme, having high page rank.

Content Creation

Content creation is a very time-consuming task. It should not be confused with the idea of creating doorway pages and similar. , instead it is a job of producing some relevant, rich in quality, unique content that useful for your visitors and is capable of adding value to your site. The higher the quality, volume and relevancy of your website’s content, the better will be its significance on the search engines. Such a website buy attracting a good volume of visitors, also crafts its way to gain more and more number of links coming from other websites from the same industry. Also, with the addition of new pages, you can always target additional keywords related to the theme of the page.

Writing for other website

You know the best about your industry and hence, posting content about the same in the form off blogs, articles and forum posts on someone else’s website, can bring you good exposure. Write content for someone else’s website and link it to your website so that people get to read about you at other sources as well.

Site Optimization

In order to rank high on the search engines results, the technique of managing appropriately the content, phrasing, and site architecture of your website is the cornerstone of SEO and the search engine ranking industry. Every effort from creating concrete titles and relevant Meta tags to fining the content to maximize the search engine value is counted as successful optimization effort.

Simultaneously, while practising these techniques, special consideration is given to the integrity of the website so that no compromise is made with the quality and content of the website. Obviously, it is useful to bring traffic to a website that does not deliver useful content, information and solve the desired purpose of the visitor. Site optimization should focus largely on maintaining the scalability and solid message of the site while maximizing it’s effectiveness on the search engines, at the same time.

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