WordPress SEO Services


We know that there is a lot of SEO power built into WordPress but that is not enough to move ahead of your competitors. To actually beat the heat of the competition, you need professional and truly efficient WordPress SEO services ensuring to take your website higher in the search engine rankings. BrainPulse has devised its unique set of WordPress SEO Services based on the crystal clear objective of delivering quality, targeted traffic by competently optimizing your WordPress Based Website and taking it much higher in search engines rankings.

Wordpress SEO Services

WordPress SEO Plugins Installation & Configuration

  • All-In-One SEO plugin enabling you to edit the Title, Meta Description and Meta Keyword tags for your home page, along with individual pages
  • Advanced plugin to render each post and page with meta keywords.
  • Tags plugin enabling the creation of tag cloud and availability of “similar posts” functionality
  • Optimizing page Tags and Page navigation
  • Permalinks
  • Plugin for Google XML Sitemap creation with auto update functionality
  • Plugin for Image SEO Optimization
  • Plugin for Creating the Convenient Sitemap for users

Optimizing WordPress Template

  • Optimizing your Titles for SEO
  • Optimizing the “More” tag text
  • Creation of Breadcrumbs
  • Optimizing the content thoroughly
  • Inserting the main ping services

Sophisticated SEO for WordPress

  • Closing duplicating content via robots.txt
  • Inserting “Noindex, follow” for archive pages and strictly specify pages that should have the “nofollow” and “noindex” tags
  • Disabling unnecessary archives
  • Creating Pagination
  • Inserting Nofollowing for unnecessary links
  • Offsite Optimization
  • Add Social Bookmarking to the WordPress Website
  • Clear up duplicate content issues

Starting from the elementary step of installing and configuring basic WordPress SEO plugins, we gradually move ahead with advanced SEO services ensuring to take your website at a desirable position in the search engines. So, without any delay, speak with our sales representative now and get our services now.

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