X-Cart SEO

X-Cart SEO Services

Confused about which X-cart SEO tool to buy and how to use them? Do not panic! We are here to solve it all for you and help you optimizing x-cart websites. BrainPulse has diligently compiled its X-cart SEO services that aim to significantly improve your search engine rankings by employing the best x-cart seo tools, modules and software. Our experts function together to optimize your x-cart based application for on-site and off-site SEO, increased indexing, and to generate in-bound linking.

X-Cart  SEO Services

X-Cart SEO Services at the Layout Level

  • Employing keyword-rich phrases in ALT attributes for images.
  • Renaming product images using genuine keywords
  • Setting up both regular and XML sitemaps.
  • Changing all relative links into absolute URLs
  • Converting large table codes into compact div-based layout

Advanced X-Cart SEO Services

  • Rendering well-structured SEO friendly URLs
  • Removing dynamic links for categories, products and static pages links.
  • Facilitating dynamic updates for all your link.
  • To prevent duplicate content, automatic 301 redirects from default php urls, html catalog urls, and/or x-cart clean urls is rendered.
  • Canonical tag and .htm extensions support for duplicate content control of categories, manufacturers, products and static pages

In addition to these above mentioned services, we also ensure to render addition off-page search engine optimization services for your X-cart applications. We are determined to satisfy all x-cart SEO needs for your e-commerce store so that nothing else remains undone to make your store more SEO-friendly.

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