Yahoo! Store SEO Services

Yahoo! Store SEO Services

If it is Yahoo!store SEO services that you are looking for, then go no further. Yahoo! Store, is an e-commerce platform that comes with an exceptional potential search engine optimization and we know the best ways to harness this potential. BrainPulse houses an experienced team of dedicated SEO professionals who minutely study the requirements of your Yahoo! store and then deploy effective SEO techniques to improve your search engine rankings. We have built a considerably long list of happy clients who have toady significantly maximized their ROI by getting top search engine rankings.

Yahoo Store SEO Services

Our Yahoo! Store SEO Services

  • Rendering dynamic Meta tags on each page
  • Modifying all links to Absolute URL.
  • Proper keyword optimization with the help of exhaustively researched keywords
  • Submitting ALT tags on each product image
  • facility of Breadcrumbs
  • Facilitating source code optimization by employing advanced techniques
  • Providing facility to check errors and create custom 404 not found page
  • Setting up a Google Site map for your Yahoo! Store

Advanced Yahoo! Store SEO Services

  • Converting your left navigation from images into text links for improved search engines readability.
  • Optimize the sitemap more with addition of titles to each link’s syntax.
  • Removal of “alt=pad” from each page in the Store.
  • Categorize sitemap and display the categories, subcategories and associated items in easy format.

In addition to the above mentioned Yahoo!Store SEO services, we also carry out off page SEO services to improve your yahoo!store’s search engine ranking. These services primarily include search engine submission,press release submission, keyword rich articles, link building and more. To know more, call us now.

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