Zen Cart SEO

Zen Cart SEO Services

Wondering how to begin with your zen cart based application search engine optimization? Time to relax! BrainPulse has comprehensive expertise in optimizing Zen cart shopping stores so that significant boost can be given to the site’s search engine rankings. We deploy advanced on-page and off-page SEO services ensure to get your Zen cart based e-store among top search engine rankings by eliminating various optimization issues like page titles, slow pages and other proper configurations.

Zen Cart  SEO Services

Our Core zen Cart SEO Services

  • Rewriting dynamic URLs to more search engine friendly static.
  • Comprehensive compatibility support for Google, Yahoo and Bing
  • Labeling images with descriptive “alt” attributes
  • Canonical redirects to prevent content duplication issues
  • Thorough optimization of relevant page titles, Meta information and content
  • Valuation and recreation of pages textual content
  • Verification and validation of each URL

Advanced Zen Cart SEO Services

  • Installing, configuring and optimizing RSS Feeds
  • Submitting validated universal Google Sitemap to Google, Bing, Yahoo.
  • Configuring proper header and 404 responses .
  • Adding to many shopping comparison engines.
  • Placing the “nofollow” tag on all links that do not add value to your website

SEO experts at Brainpulse explore and resolve the potential SEO issues within the Zen Cart system and extend even more detailed analysis of your Zen Cart within the budget and in strict accordance with the specific client instructions. In order to gain more information, please call us now.

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