Application Migration

Application Migration Services

BrainPulse has made it a habit to provide efficient and cost effective Application Migration Services. What we do is, that we assign a hard core qualified and technical team of professionals having a deep expertise of the field in which your application has been created and try to get a first hand understanding of your line of business. Our team of professionals takes over the daily IT activities that are needed for the migration, maintenance, troubleshooting, analysis and assessing of your application and makes it sure that efficiency and performance is enhanced.

Application Migration and Management Services :

The model that we follow for our Project Management makes it happen to produce successful and timely support. The problems whatever may crop up are resolved as quickly as possible and a thorough set of predefined tests are performed and needed updates are methodically implemented and documented for the purpose of any future reference.

What we provide is completely a different basket ?

At BrainPulse we deliver our Application Migration Maintenance and Enhancement services that provide immediate business value to your business model. It makes life easy for our valuable client IT staff and other resources in a more strategic way. We try to bring out the cutting edge technology solutions to put them to task. Our model lowers the cost for the support going on.

  • Application Platform Migrations Service
  • Technical Support help desk
  • Analysis of Faults
  • Update Designs
  • Implement the Upgrades and Patches
  • Review Code Snippets
  • Crash Testing
  • Maintain Documentation
  • Enhance Application
  • S L A support services
  • Maintenance and Support of application systems

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