Application Testing

Web Base Application Testing

Companies use Quality Assurance (QA) and different
Testing services so as to make it sure that the application
works fine and unhindered. Our team of testing professionals
is doing rigorously tests using predefined industry-standards
for testing methods and Quality Assurance processes.

Brainpulse’s team for testing works to set
and define and then implement an effective and reliable
test strategy which in turn is a combination of
manual and automated testing routines and covers
black-box and white-box testing.

A comprehensive Quality Assurance and testing solution
for software Product Development can add wings to
the high flight of an organization. Well defined
and time tested methodologies are followed for ensuring
faster and efficient success of software through
all the levels of testing..

Some times we offer Offshore Software testing to
our client base. It is about the verification and
validation carried out on software product that
makes it sure about high end product quality. The
test development activities involve test planning
and test case scenarios, automation testing and
real time manual testing activities.

Brainpulse has mastered a predefined set
of rules which are to be followed for the purpose
of testing and can be viewed as follows:-

  • Design and configuration Test.
  • Plan validation
  • Automation script Test
  • Compatibility Test
  • Performance Test
  • Interoperability Test
  • Standards compliance Test
  • Regression Test

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