Database Solutions

Web Based Database Solutions

Database Administration (DBA) means to reduce time and effort taken for the day to day look after of the database. We at Brainpulse provide the Low End DBA Services for the management of small size databases. By assignment of the DBA job to us, you get results like improved system performance, high efficiency and low cost of operations.

Administrative Services

Brainpulse has a very large base of
information resources, analytical tools and last but
least we have got the database experts who really
understand your Database and evaluate the full range
administrative services
for your database.

We suggest it to our all clientele to have a good
predictable annual budget for the administration
of their small databases. Because in case the amount
of expenses is tried to be reduced, it will directly
lead to the increase in other heads.

Migration Services

Apart from the database administrative
we also provide services for migrating one
database platform to other one, which can be difficult
and time consuming because of the differences that
may be there in standards between vendors. At Brainpulse
we try to offer you a comprehensive database migration
in which we work out a strategy for you to
move your database from one platform to another. Brainpulse’s
database experts work in synch with you to create
a cost-effective and quick and crisp migration plan.

Data Ware-Housing & Mining

Next service in this field that
we offer to our clients is Data Mining. It is a
very effective tool for improving the bottom line
as it provides us with the tools that are helpful
and very necessary for any company for the purpose
of providing significant customer intelligence to
the different levels of the organization, because
currently huge amount of customer information is
lying in the enterprise data warehouses. And we
at Brainpulse make it available to our clients in
the shape of new technology, integration and disseminate
of the information for the purpose of data utility
in most efficient way.

As a matter of fact these Databases can be linked
to the development of web applications as the data
needed is ready available. We can collate and interpret
the data for you and put it to use with CRM applications
for a holistic solution, so that the Return on Investment
can visibly improve.

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