Oracle Applications

Web Based Oracle Applications

We have the capabilities
to develop Oracle Applications and we provide solutions
like ERP and CRM. At Brainpulse we are well versed
with the implementation processes for the Oracle
Application products
. Our professionals have the
capabilities to provide the complete Life Cycle
of Development and Implementation processes for
the said set of Applications using Oracle.

Our professionals are trained and experienced in
Oracle Applications with the relevant skills such
as Functional, Technical, Business Analysis and
Project Management. And the main focus is exclusively
on Oracle Applications.

Brainpulse has developed a hard core competency
with focus on Oracle Application products modules
to impart specialized and detailed product development
to its esteemed cliental with emphasis on developing
good customer relationship. This way we maintain
several pre-developed Oracle Application which very
well suit the environments of our client’s with
a very strict view to provide on-site support to

We boost of having build pragmatic implementation
based on market standards. With the
help of this we provide a core process, which can
be adapted to meet the specific enterprise requirements
and environment of the client.

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