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CMS Made Simple Development

Brainpulse brings to you the whole spectrum of CMS Made Simple development services. We have incorporated a team of qualified CMS Made Simple developers who can understand our clients’ business objectives and fulfill their CMSMS requirements accordingly. We provide as many dedicated developers as you need for the particular project so as to be sure that the job is completed within the specified time while maintaining the highest quality.

CMS Made Simple Open source Development

Our CMS Made Simple Development Services Include

CMS Made Simple Theme Design and Integration

Our talented team of dedicated CMS Made Simple theme designers create beautiful, user-friendly, professional, and business oriented themes. In addition, it facilitates the creation of powerful sites since its internal template and stylesheet system facilitate effortless theme designing. With CMS Made Simple, you can have a different theme for every new page. From designing a theme to its proper integration, we stand by you at every step.

CMS MS Customization

Our CMS MS development team understands the clients requirements and accordingly caters to their additional functional customizations, so that they can get exactly what they want. The developers can customize any number of components and seamlessly integrate them to allow your website have many different functionalities to meet your business requirements. CMS Made simple is known for its flexible, powerful and customizable properties and our experts know best how to use it optimally to meet your business goals.

CMS MS Module/ Plugin Development

CMS Made Simple is planned as a base package and is free from needless modules and functionality on the user. Indeed, this is why it is extremely modular and extensible. The users can painlessly add modules and tags as per the site requirements. Our dedicated developers can develop additional CMS Made Simple Modules/ plugins for your website to enhance it with some extra functionality.

Viewing the Features of CMS Made Simple

  • Very easy user and group management
  • Server requirement are minimum
  • Multiple language supported by admin panel
  • Self generating menus that are optional
  • Group based permission system
  • Integrated file manager
  • Full template support that does not require changes in the content
  • Module API that helps in unlimited expandability
  • Integrated audit log
  • Online help available
  • Easy wizard based installation and upgrading procedures

Explore BrainPulse Development Services

CMS Made Simple Hosting
We provide a range of hosting solutions that are reliable and highly secured for your website based on CMS MS platform. Out technical team comprises of industry experts who can proactively tackle all the hosting related problems and can efficiently handle all your queries and concerns.

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