Community sites

Community sites are generally build on the concept of traditional social networking where people with similar taste remain connected with each other. The purpose of some community sites may be merely social, permitting the users to establish either a friendly or romantic relation, while others may concentrate on establishing business connections.

At BrainPulse, we enable you to connect with other users, based on certain criteria and introduce yourself to new people through a connection you share. Our services include:


Our Dating and Community software has all the professional features that are enough to help you create sites like You Tube, MySpace etc. We offer a powerful, PHP/MySQL based open source dating and community software that has a high level of security with a new modular structure, low cost and that generates a stable income. The features incorporated in our software are Private Messages, Photo Upload, Extensive ‘About Me’ functions and also certain revolutionary functions like Audio and video upload. Our modifications are generally custom based so as to cater to the needs of the clients.


A Forum is a public meeting place that allows anonymous visitors to view the content and build a strong bond with each other having similar interests. The prime objective is to provide an area where users can interact with varied questions and answers and even share their views on different topics. We at BrainPulse, assist you to become a part of the most active forums that is relevant to your industry and thereby create an identity of your brand in the active community.


A Blog is a type of website containing online journals arranged in a reverse chronological order. They often focus on a particular area of interest and a typical blog combines text, images and links to other blogs. We help you to actively participate and post blogs related to your industry to build individuality and make others brand conscious.

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