CRM Solutions

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Solutions

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is an industry related term used for methodologies, software and internet capabilities that helps an association to manage the customer relationships in an organized manner.BrainPulse’s CRM solution provides the necessary tools your company needs so as to achieve a higher level of customer relationship management that nurtures their reliability towards your products and services, thereby improving your revenues.

Our solutions are offered on demand or through software service depending on the client’s needs. We delve deep into the customer’s needs and their behavior in order to develop a strong relationship. It is more of a business philosophy than of a technical solution.

Includes features and functions that support the following areas:

CRM assists the organization to evaluate, plan and execute the marketing activities and helps them to take intelligent business decisions to optimize the use of marketing resources across the enterprise.
CRM guides the sales professionals to be more effective and helps to retain the growth of profitable business throughout the sales cycle. It unveils new arenas of potential revenues, accelerates the buying decisions and employs new techniques to improve sales productivity.
We help to retain the potential customers by reducing the service cost through effective and efficient services. It helps in service contracts; order and warranty management, in-house and depot repair and also provides various flexible delivery options.


  • It helps to develop better communication channels.
  • Accumulates vital data like customer details and order histories.
  • Produces detailed profiles based on customer preferences.
  • Recognizes new selling opportunities.
  • Provides instant access to customers histories.

Popular CRM Solutions

The open-source model has indeed paved the simplest route into the CRM market for small and medium size companies. Following are the two most competent CRM open source solutions that allow scope for superb functionality and highly efficient module development. Developers at BrainPulse expertise in these CRM Open Source solutions.

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