Flex Development

Flex Development

BrainPulse Technologies brings to you the extensive range of communicative, meaningful and cross platform rich internet applications through the means of superbly productive and powerful technology of Flex Development. An integral section of Adobe AIR applications, Flex is an avant-garde application that reformed the intricacies of presentation and functionality. Our flex developers build interactive, expressive web applications that run systematically on all primary browsers, desktops, and operating systems.

Flex Development

Offered Services Using Flex Technology

  • Consulting, business analysis and bespoken Development
  • Server-side Programming by employing technologies like PHP, Java or .NET.
  • Flex or Flash Programming
  • Developing Flex applications including dashboards, shopping cart and survey forms
  • Flash Design
  • Visualizing rich interactive website design and development
  • Client-side Programming

Services rendered by Integrating Flex with other working applications

  • MXML and ActionScript development
  • Flex and Ajax/Java programming
  • Flex and Adobe AIR programming
  • Flex and .NET programming
  • Security and usability testing.
  • Flex and PHP programming

The knowledge and proficiency of our adept dedicated developers in offering Flex Development Services will make technically outstanding projects with high sense of interactivity and and functionality. We understand every vista of Flex Development to create and deliver superior enterprise applications.

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