Live chat solution

Live Chat is an application that provides instant answers to the customer’s sales queries and also offers them technical support. We at BrainPulse Technologies, come forward with our Live Chat Solution that helps with excellent support system, increases the sales, monitors the website and guides you to identify your visitors and turn them into potential customers.

We earnestly believe that the speed and simplicity of online business should not be plagued by delayed answers to customer’s queries. In order to enhance the interaction with the customers, our Live Chat Solution helps to bridge the gap between your visitors and you. Customer support through live chats can go a long way to build and preserve customer’s confidence.


  • Easy to use interface for your visitors to communicate with your staff members.
  • The Live Response Staff Monitor helps you to monitor all the active sessions under your department.
  • Site visitors can instantly chat with online staff members and select the appropriate department.
  • A site visitor can leave a message if he finds the staff member off-line.
  • The dashboard provides a snapshot view of the changes.
  • Add notes to clients. Once the visitor is tagged, the Live Response displays if the visitor visits your site again.
  • You can monitor the active conversation of other staff members.
  • You can start a conference chat on active sessions.


  • Increases sales.
  • Boosts customer loyalty.
  • Shortens the sales cycle.
  • Improves real time communication.
  • Multi-departmental support.
  • Live agents can chat with multiple users at a time.

Our dedicated Live Chat Solution software reduces the processing delays that results in the customer attrition. Our powerful and feature packed application improves the interaction with your customers that would be instantaneous and far more rewarding.

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