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Matrimonial Website Development

Creative expertise and excellence-driven approach is sincerely visible in our array of e-business solutions. BrainPulse India has delivered matrimonial portal development services with numerous integrated features enabling users to leverage full advantage of the matrimonial services . Our fully functional matrimonial solutions offer almost every utility, users search for. The matrimonial portals offered, have customized features for front end and back end users both:

Front-end user features of Matrimonial Portal Development

Front-end user section allow access for both guest users and registered members. A number of noteworthy features are offered to the users in our front-end section:

Guest users:

  • Member registration in paid or free modes
  • Keyword based category browsing
  • Advanced search with additional parameters
  • Featured profile listing
  • Profile management
  • Browse categories
  • Basic and advanced search with additional parameters
  • Access to the complete profile
  • Featured profile listings
  • Static information pages and more

Registered users:

  • Configure e-mail alert preferences
  • Account upgrading services
  • Pay for optional items like featured and / or bold profile
  • Various e-mail and sms alert preferences
  • Free to paid account migration
  • Multiple types of payment options and many more

Back-end user features of our matrimonial portal

Back-end section is specially designed and developed for the website administrators to offer them an opportunity to manage the internal website architecture.

Administrator Utilities

Administrator may add, edit, remove, activate, deactivate, search on :

  • User Location Profile
  • User Religious Profile
  • User Contact Profile
  • User Work/Career Profile
  • User Personality Profile
  • User Community Profile
  • User photograph and documentation support
  • User Family Profile

Tools & Technology in Matrimonial portal development services

The exclusive and user friendly matrimonial scripts are developed by a core group of web development and designing professionals using advanced programming languages including PHP and .Net. Our matrimonial applications are developed using PHP, .Net RDBMS, SQL, MySQL, Advance XML and DHTML.

Popular as an accomplished web development company India, we build easy-to-use, robust online matrimonial applications for our clients. Our matrimonial administrative components offer useful control and flexibility to users and administrators. At Brainpulse, we deliver our client full-featured and ready to implement matrimonial portal in the very customized manner they want.

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