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Online Auction Web Solution

BrainPulse brings to you a decade of expertise in internet marketing, business development and new business launch services. With its prime focus on client’s return on investment our Auction Web Solution efficiently manages and facilitates you to start up your new home based eBay business and web auction services.


Step by Step Installer:
Easy web-based installer guides you through the installation of PHP Pro Bid.
Admin Area:
The PHP Pro Bid admin provides you with absolute control over your auction web site.
Make an Offer:
Buyers can now make offers on listed items and this new feature allows potential buyers to make an offer to the sellers if the item has not received any bids.
Five High Quality Skins:
You can select between five high quality PHP Pro Bid skins, all uniquely designed and offering first class visual effects.
Combined Invoicing:
Sellers can now combine invoices for items sold to the same user both saving time and money.
Direct Payment:
Buyers can now make payments to sellers for items won on site.
Fee Payments:
Users incurring fees on your site can make payments through one or more merchants.
Wanted Ads:
PHP Pro Bid is the first auction software package to include wanted ads that enable your users to post adverts for items they want.
Media Upload:
Sellers can upload 9 pictures as well as media file to accompany their listing.
Custom Listing Fields:
You can tailor your Auction site to your specific market, add custom fields to either all or selected categories.


Windows Bulk Lister:
The bulk lister enables you to list items on your auction site from the windows without having to visit your site.
Taxation and Accounting:
New VAT and Tax control with full admin accounting.
SSL Support:
If you have an SSl certificate installed you can integrate PHP Pro Bid to work alongside it.
Private or Public Site:
You can run your site as public or private. Private ensures that you and your user can list items for auction. Public site is basically like eBay where everyone can sell and bid.
Preferred Sellers:
Best sellers get special reductions on listing fees.
Pay As You Go or Account Mode:
Charge fees either on demand or allow users to build up an account which they pay off once a month.


  • Website Designing and integration with solution.
  • 10 Additional static pages included.
  • Complete online store setup
  • Product structure Setup along with interfacing.
  • Payment Gateway Integration.

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