Open Source Development

Open Source Development

We at BrainPulse have core competency in Open Source Software development and we have been offering Open Source Software driven solutions to our clients for over a decade. Our experience gives us that extra edge to be able to deliver cost effective and totally functional solutions to our clients. Brainpulse houses a team professionals who are skilled in Open Source development space having experience on some of the most widely used open source systems.

Methodology of Open Source Development

An open source system is an application of software, whose source code is available for modifications, customization and Integration the way it suits your requirements. The application gives us a framework which can further we customized to build specific client’s requirements based applications.

Spectrum of Open Source Solutions

  • Open Source Content Management System ( Joomla, Mambo, Drupal etc)
  • Open Source Online E-commerce Solution ( CRE Loaded, X-cart, Zen Cart etc.)
  • Open Source Blogging Software ( WordPress etc)
  • Open Source learning Management System (Moodle etc)
  • Open Source Framework (CakePHP, Ruby on Rails)
  • Open Source Customer Relationship Management, CRM (Sugar CRM)

Why Opt for Open Source Driven Solutions

  • Reduced Cost Factor in the range from 65% to 80% compared to a product developed from scratch.
  • Time for the Development is reduced by over 50%.
  • Huge community supports these open source products, giving you free plugins and development support
  • Dependency of Vendors is neutralized.
  • Get quick fixes quickly and have the features enhanced in one shot.

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