BrainPulse has the expertise to give shape to your dream of owning a video, music or picture sharing Social networking website with PHPMotion. Since it supports MP3, audio can easily be installed and is extremely cost effective compare to other web designing services, and so it is gaining popularity day by day. If you are interested in having a unique theme for your special social networking website, that is yet to be explored by other webmasters, get in touch with us and we will give an attractive look to your PHPMotion based project.

PHPmotion Web Development

Our PHPMotion Services Include

PHPMotion Theme Design and Integration

The easiest way to stand apart from the crowd is to get a custom theme created for your social networking website. From designing custom built background in templates for video sharing scripts to adding the required templates that can make your application function smoothly without any trouble, we do it all for you. Once we have designed your ideal you PHPMotion themes, we take care of its complete integration process as well.

PHPMotion Customization

Our experienced developers first of all understand the complexity of the project and then customize the modules as per the requirements. Their experience helps them vastly in customizing the various functions and enhance the functionality of your Social networking website. Before integration, these functions are tested to avoid any sort of errors and match seamlessly with the application thereby increasing its performance.

PHPMotion Plugin/Module Development

We develop bespoken PHPMotion modules and plugins that are basically extensions and add some extra functionality to your social community or network. We can develop and add a number of features to your website that ensure to improve users’ experience. Services concerning proper integration and installation of the new modules are also provided by us. The wide range of our highly advanced plugin and modules exhibits our expertise in developing our customer’s idea into a functional feature in no time.

The Core Features of PHPMotion

  • PHPMotion is 100% free to use and can be easily downloaded.
  • It has a full featured admin area that enables you to manage your site.
  • Fully CSS based template that makes editing easy.
  • Supports playlist.
  • Has a growing user base thereby forming a huge community.
  • Supports various formats including MP, avi, divx etc.
  • Members can easily create their personal profile and even add pictures.

We help you deploy your web-based solutions smoothly, and modify them just as easily when required. In order to know more about PHP motion development services, please speak to our sales representative now.

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