Pricing Model

Web Development Pricing Models

At BrainPulse Technologies, we are able to offer our customers competitive pricing models over the long term. We deliver real cost saving projects to our customers that bring operational excellence to their business process. Our pricing is completely transparent and it is our unique approach that allows us to offer the highest standards in quality and price. You can identify the price plan that best suits you from the options outlined below:

Fixed Price Plan (predetermined total project cost)

Fixed price quote for project is offered if there is a well defined scope of work with clear specifications. Under this Short Term- Low Risk Model we work with clients to define expected deliverables and timelines to determine a mutually agreed fixed price.

Time & Material Plan (hourly rate)

An hourly pricing is preferred if the scope of work is not clear at the start of the project. We first analyze the project making it easier to select the best skills. This model best suits complex projects inclined to specification and design changes.

Dedicated Team Plan (full-time developer’s Team exclusive to project)

In case of large on-going projects, one may be better off on monthly charges basis. If there seem to be enough work to keep a programmer/a Team of Programmers busy for a full time, then this model works the best.

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