W3C Standards

W3C Standards Followed @ BrainPulse

W3C is an international standard framed by World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) organization for World Wide Web. These standards are designed to enhance the interoperability for all the web related products and develop and publish specifications, software, guidelines, and assorted Web tools. In Brainpulse, we assure you the quality website designing standards are practiced in the most ethical manner.

Through the expertise knowledge of skilled professionals from Brainpulse Technologies, our clients stay assured of getting long term benefits to in the form of browser friendly, user friendly and search engine friendly website.

W3C Compliant Coding Standards Advantages

  • W3C standards ensure that the website designing has been well coded.
  • Revelation of the web sites in all the browsers (Explorer, Mozilla, Safari, Opera, etc.), and in all platforms (Linux, Window, Max).
  • Better ranks in search engine that increases web traffic to your website, resulting in an increased exposure of your website.
  • These standards help in saving both, valuable time and money. Any site that has been designed by W3C standard has the advantage of being viewed suitably in the older browsers and its appearance will look nearly the same among newer and continuously updated browsers

Different W3C standards Follows

HTML 4.0
Hyper Text Markup Language-It is basically used for adding text structure to the text documents on the Web.
XML 1.0
Extensible Markup Language-It is a markup language which provides flexibility to add our own elements and structural systems in a text document. It even allows utilizing multiple sets within a single document. Because of this peculiarity, XML is more flexible than HTML.
XHTML 1.0 is a reformulated or enhanced version of HTML

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