XHTML Conversion

XHTML Conversion (W3C Compliant)

Brainpulse Technology is one of the most experienced and professional PSD to XHTML conversion service providers in the industry. By employing comprehensive XHTML conversion technologies and present-day enhancement applications. We are confident about the exceptional expertise of our XHTML conversion team of qualified conversion professionals, who are capable of handling any complicated task with ease.

XHTML Conversion Services Include:

  • Specialized (x)HTML coding
  • Quick loading, optimized images
  • External CSS file (cascading style sheets), ensuring a table free page design, separating content from presentation.
  • Optional External Javascript file
  • Cross-browser compatibility with Internet Explorer, Firefox, Netscape and Opera
  • SEO Semantic Coding to assist the website maintain good ranking
  • Efficacy- Our Professional XHTML services helps in enhancing the performance of original layout of your website.

Why you should choose BrainPulse?

  • We can convert PSD files to HTML for publishing as web pages while maintaining the hyperlinks, footnotes and table of contents. If required, we can remove the needless junk elements such as excessive images and hyperlinks in the original document.
  • We employ high-end pagination software for digital text export, tabular constructs, graphic and pictures into output pages.
  • You can view and edit the output and add specific formats, fonts, and special characters as per your requirement.
  • We are proficient with batch conversion.

We provide PSD to XHTML Conversion for

  • WordPress
  • CRE Loaded
  • vBulletin
  • OS Commerce

At Brainpulse Technology, we guarantee to enhance your business returns upto a remarkable extent. By following all ethical practices, we make a sincere effort to provide you with quality XHTML conversion services in the most desired manner and within your allocated budget.

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