Add-on Domain

Creating an add-on domain (pointer) in cPanel

This brings the flexibility to host two or more sites with two or more domains on the same Web Hosting account. Given below is the short and easy way to creating an add-on domain in the Cpanel

First of all, login to the Cpanel as an administrator. Go to the Addon Domains link and click on it to submit the new domain. Now type in the directory name in your main account where the new domain needs to point. Post this, for this new add-on domain; you would need to submit a password. Simply click on the “Add Domain” button and your new add-on domain will be created.

In this process, you also create a new FTP account and hence, you need to go back to take a look at that. In the upper left corner, click on ‘Home’ and then go to the “FTP Accounts” link. Here you will be able to check out your fresh FTP account.

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