Bandwidth (Data Transfer)

Although bandwidth and Data transfer have been used as synonyms, there is good difference between the meanings of the two. Bandwidth is the amount of data that can be transferred at a time whereas data transfer is the quantity that is getting transferred.

Affects of Bandwidth on your website

Your website’s bandwidth is directly proportional to the loading duration of your website. Limited bandwidth decelerates the process of website loading if you have a high rate of traffic influx. Similarly, the lower the data transfer limit is, the more your site will remain unavailable.

Determining Your Requirements

While seeking web hosting services, you must take into consideration the available amount of bandwidth and Data transfer separately. The requirement can be analyzed from the information available from your traffic history. Fresh website owners may have to estimate their requirement as per the following statistics:

  • Highest count of expected visitors
  • Page size together with the graphics of the page
  • Estimated pages visited by a visitor

Throttling and other limitations

Bandwidth is quite expensive. All web hosting services providers have their own limited allocations. This is why web hosts attempt to limit the total count of simultaneous connections. The process is termed as throttling. Concerned clients must always seek information on how their bandwidth usage is controlled by the host.

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