Change Customer passwords

Changing your customer’s passwords in Plesk Hosting control Panel

Reseller Tutorials is here for you to teach about how to change the customer’s Plesk control Panel password. Reseller tutorials aim is to tell you about how this task is to be performed and what is the benefit in changing the customer’s plesk control panel password.

  • Login to your Plesk Web Hosting account and click on ‘Domains’
  • Now select the domain that you wish to change the password for
  • Jump to the Domain Administrator Group and click on Domain Administrator Access tab
  • Access the domain Properties and type in and Confirm the new password
  • Click OK and save changes

A quick guide to updating FTP and front page passwords

  • Go back to the page of Domain
  • Click on the tab of Web Hosting settings
  • Type in your New Password for FTP Account and conform it
  • Submit the New Front Page Admin Password and confirm it
  • Press Ok and save the Changes

The FTP and Front Page Passwords are updated for the domain name chosen

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