Cloud Hosting

Cloud Hosting

Cloud Computing For Fast Growing business Needs

Encountering exceptional pressure to develop your IT infrastructure with awfully limited resources?

Leverage the concept of cloud computing and start offloading selective IT workloads to a cloud to ensure improved responsiveness towards your business requirements and better efficiencies. Brainpulse Technologies is all set to launch a new, highly advanced cloud hosting platform, comprising of several new cloud services.

Cloud Hosting Beginner Plan

Starting At
RS. 3000/Month

  • CPU Allocation : 1 VCPU
  • Hard Disk : 60 GB
  • RAM Allocation : 512MB RAM
  • Bandwidth : 1000GB Bandwidth

Cloud Hosting Performer Plan

Starting At
RS. 6200/Month

  • CPU Allocation : 2 VCPU
  • Hard Disk : 60 GB
  • RAM Allocation : 2GB RAM
  • Bandwidth : 1000GB Bandwidth

Cloud Hosting Expert Plan

Starting At
RS. 8700/Month

  • CPU Allocation : 3 VCPU
  • Hard Disk : 60 GB
  • RAM Allocation : 4 GB RAM
  • Bandwidth : 1000GB Bandwidth

The Concept Behind Cloud Hosting

Cloud Hosting IndiaCloud Hosting or cloud computing is a simplified arrangement of datacenter where virtualization technologies play a vital role to bring down the intricacies of the whole hosting concept. It is a process to distribute your website across multiple servers, which are termed as cloud servers. Multiple dedicated servers lever the efficient processing of data and enable the ability to directly scale. The instantly grown traffic influx of a website can be effortlessly handled with increase in cloud servers, ensuring immediate levelling.

Why Cloud Hosting

Improved Capabilities
Cloud Hosting Enhances IT capabilities and capacity, while reducing capital outlays and operational overheads.
Environment friendly
Cloud Hosting is highly friendly to the environment on grounds of providing increased longevity of older hardware used by datacenters, which reduces the quantity of electronic waste dumped.
Increased scalability is assured, since the cloud environment permits users to access additional computer resources to meet amplified application loads.
Low Software Maintenance
Cloud Computing Optimally reduces the software maintenance expense as software remains in the clouds and users do not have to take charge of its maintenance.
Alternative Virtualization Technologies
Facility to choose your own preferred virtualization solution from a list of important third party partners.
Cloud Hosting is Affordable
No requirement to purchase any additional hardware or software for cloud computing implementation. Enjoy complete flexibility with precise and dynamic allocation of all computing resources as per your requirements.
Assistance of system security services and operational security services.

Virtualization Technology

Avail the facility of assembling together the dedicated servers, CloudLayer Computing and your alternative of virtualization technologies so that you can devise a personalized cloud computing podium. Virtualization options include:

Citrix XenServer
XenServer comprises of an industry-leading, user-friendly management console having ability to provide and manage many physical and VMs across a dispersed datacenter setting. It is powered by the Xen hypervisor.
Parallels Virtuozzo Containers
Virtuozzo facilitates the creation of multiple, self-regulating “containers” on a sole physical server and OS instance. Each container has its own fully independent virtual environment (VE) along with the Linux operating system. This is a favoured solution for most hosting providers.

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