Creating an autoresponder

Creating an autoresponder in cPanel Hosting Control Panel

Auto-Responder is an important component of contemporary Web Hosting Services account. Given below is the fastest way to do it.

  • Login to the Control and go the Email management tools area.
  • Now click on Auto-Responders.
  • On clicking Auto-Responders, a new page with option to ‘Add Auto Responders’ will appear
  • Now scroll down to create a new Auto-Responder
  • Enter the email address for which you want create the auto-responder
  • (In case of have numerous parked or add-on domains, be careful to select the right one)
  • Submit the details on the form as you want them to occur on the From Field
  • Enter subject and character set ( for character set, drop down to select us-ascii)
  • Click the choice to send auto responder in plain text or HTML
  • Enter the message and click on create/modify button.

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