Creating a Sub domain

Creating a Sub-domain in Plesk Hosting control Panel

The content given below will take you through the journey of creating a new subdomain using the Plesk control panel. This is a vital component in Plesk Web Hosting account management

  • Log in to your Plesk web hosting account
  • On reaching the main screen interface, click the ‘Home’ button present in the left navigation area.
  • Hit the domain name you want to have a subdomain for
  • Now go to the ‘Subdomains’ button to reach the subdomain manager
  • Click on the parallel button to add a new subdomain
  • Submit the subdomain in the related field.
  • If you want a separate FTP user account for your subdomain, check the specified checkbox for it. If you want the FTP account to be remain the same, jump to the services section.
  • Check all the services in the ‘services’ area to enable your subdomain to support all the features that the web hosting accounts offer.
  • Click the icon Ok and the subdomain is created

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