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Data Center India

BrainPulse takes pride in its industry-leading, tier 3 data Centers (located in USA, UK and India) rendering an ideal environment for hardware. Our recent launch is the Data Center India. The commendable features of fully redundant connectivity, top-notch infrastructure, high-tech monitoring and security systems make our Data Centers highly competent, secure and energy-efficient. All the servers are comfortably housed in natural-disaster-free locations to deliver the most competent web hosting services. To answer all our clients limitless web hosting services requirements, we have ensued excellent Data Center India, with immaculate physical environment capable of maintaining the servers up and running for 24/7.

The promising highlights of our Data Centers ensuring uninterrupted Web Hosting

High Security
Security is indeed one of the most critical features of our Data Center in India, US and UK. Every data Center is equipped with the most up-to-date devices for access control and intruder protection. The security and intruder protection systems are linked to the RedGuard system that immediately sends notifications in the event of any kind of security breach. The entire data Center is rigged with multiple levels of security starting from entrance to the interiors. The security is managed by pin number access, key and motion sensors. The entire building is under strict surveillance of CCTV recording systems at all times.
The powerful electricity supply installed at our Data Center India is ensured of meeting diverse electrical requirements. Power is supplied through robust lightning protection system, Generator changeover panel and redundant N+1 UPSs. In case of any interruption in power supply, our high power UPS automatically gets stared to bear the complete load of all the servers and network hardware. To backup this back up option, we have industrial generators installed. These generators are supply enough electricity to the entire data centre for an indefinite period of time. This ensures that we never run out of power supply and render glitch-free web hosting services.
Fire Protection
The entire Data Center India building is rigged with fire alarms to detect very early smoke. The Fire Suppression System is truly efficient and triggers gas in seconds to completely extinguish the fire. It is a computer friendly gas that does not harm computers or leave a residue.
Air Conditioning
To ensure consistently controlled and maintained environment, all our Data Centers are well- equipped with powerful air conditioning systems.
Water Detection
In order to be prepared for all situations, we have installed smart sensors throughout the area to detect the leak. So if water leaks into the data centre, the alarms will inform the network operations centre staff immediately.
Lightning Protection
Our Data centers are well-installed with best lightning protection system to provide protection with guard against the threat of lightning. Any illegal spike is immediately destroyed by the system.

We invite our clients and visitors to ask as many questions about our web hosting services and Data Center India as they want. Our representatives are available all the time to assist you.