Dedicated Server

Dedicated Servers

To the web hosting companies, dedicated server is a term reflects frequently on the centre stage. Technically, a dedicated server is a web server configuration that’s offered within a widely established network of computers. A dedicated server is soled solely to one customer who usually runs a large business. In such competitive hosting environment, dedicated servers are very much able to meet the growing business demands of the organizations.

A client who purchases the server configuration can easily customize the hardware and software setup to meet exact needs of the business. In such kind of server configurations, speed of data access is faster and sense of high traffic is easily adapted by the web hosting India providers.

A number of vital reasons are cited by the experts to endorse the need of dedicated servers. Some of them are illustrated below:

  • To resolve traffic load:
    In the shared server arrangement several websites and servers run on the same server thus website slows down gradually. With a dedicated server you can manage traffic on your own server accordingly to boost the speed and performance of the website.
  • To achieve service efficiency:
    Dedicated servers are available with a wide range of services like back-up, security and support. On the shared server, these are seriously compromised. The response time and snag resolution ratio in the dedicated servers is far better than its shared counterpart.
  • Better data security ever:
    If you are running a big organization with massive amount of data stored on the server, you can’t even imagine compromising the security of the website by putting it on the shared server. Dedicated servers are therefore best option to be considered.

Being a reputed Web Hosting India, BrainPulse is known for its offerings of highly advanced dedicated servers with 99.99% uptime guarantee.

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