Disk Space

Disk Space

Disk space is technically the measure of the disk space provided by the hosting account to house and maintain all files that comprise the website together with HTML files, scripts, graphics and multi-media content. The amount of the disk space and bandwidth is decided as per the price of the web hosting package. The price is directly proportional to the quantity disk space and bandwidth the user is entitled to.

How much web space do I need?

To actually determine the quantity of the server storage you require, you need to concentrate on the scope and functions of your website. As for instance, if you just wish to create basic content based static website then you may not need much space because your website will have only the HTML pages which are actually small and need little space. On the other hand, if you have graphics, then you may have to go for a better plan as graphics that are optimized for the web have files larger than HTML. And finally, if your website has photo gallery then an upgraded package with good amount of disk space will fit for your needs. Hence, analyze your requirements well before you buy your web hosting services plan.

How much disk space you are using?

Almost all web hosting companies (including web hosting company India) offer the component of control panel with the web hosting services. The control panel presents the exact way to check the amount of disk space the client’s website(s) are using. It also tells you when you are about to cross your allotted limit. Clients who do not get Control Panels can also check their consumed amount of disk space. They just have to download their web site to a folder on their personal system and then confirm the disk space engaged by the website.

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