Email auto responder

Creating an Autoresponder in Plesk Hosting Control Panel

Autoresponder is very helpful for you while using the service of internet but there are very few websites where you can come to know about autoresponder so we are here with this facility and here you will not only have the knowledge about autoresponder even you will be able to create your own autoresponder.

Let us now learn the easiest way to creating an auto-responder in Plesk.

  • Login to your Plesk Web Hosting account and click on Mail Accounts.
  • Here, select the email address you wish to use as an auto-responder.
  • Now click on Autoresponders and on ‘Add New Autoresponder’
  • Type in the name of your new auto-responder
  • You may also submit the email address you wish to receive the original email sent
  • Roll down to submit a new Reply Subject message (Optional)
  • Roll down further to submit your auto-responder message in the box
  • Click ‘Finish’ to save the settings

Your auto-responder has been created. Now, to enable the auto-responder:

  • Click the box to select the auto-responder.
  • Click ‘Switch On’ and go to the Mail Accounts link above

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